The building process begins at the design phase. Our design team utilizes state of the art computer aided design programs which aid them in customizing floor plans and producing production drawings.

Once designed, the building process begins. This process is similar to what you’ve seen during the construction of a site built structure, but with the benefit of a factory controlled environment. Quality control is maintained by constant inspection throughout the construction, with attention to detail and accuracy. To insure a safe and secure trip to the site, modular buildings are built especially well, using high quality materials. For example, there is typically 20% to 30% more lumber used in the framing of the structure, with the use of Glue as well as nails, screws and staples fastening the components of the building together.

Once the manufacturing process in complete, the modules are transported to site and placed on the foundation. Final completion is usually handled by a local builder or general contractor and includes complexing of the modules, interior painting, floor laying, utility connections and a short list of finish work.
Today’s Modular buildings are models of efficiency and quality assurance.