What are modular buildings?

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Modular buildings are constructed in a controlled factory environment and shipped in sections (modules) to the prepared building site for installation. They are fully code compliant and meet the strictest structural standards, as they do need to be transported. Modular construction is an alternative method of building residential, commercial and recreational structures. Modular construction employs [...]

How are Modular buildings constructed?

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The building process begins at the design phase. Our design team utilizes state of the art computer aided design programs which aid them in customizing floor plans and producing production drawings. Once designed, the building process begins. This process is similar to what you've seen during the construction of a site built structure, but with [...]

What are some advantages of modular construction?

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The most significant advantage of modular construction is time savings. Site-built buildings are subject to weather conditions, subcontractor delays, waits for permits, and labor shortages. Modular buildings are built on a controlled timetable, in a factory environment. Typically a standard commercial modular building can be constructed in as little as 30 days. Time savings also [...]

What is the quality of materials used to build modular structures?

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Modular structures are built to the same specifications, with the same name brand material as conventional construction: wood grades, windows, doors, plumbing fixtures and electrical materials, etc. - every component being CSA Approved. Modular buildings must meet all the same local, provincial and national building codes as conventionally constructed buildings. As for interior design, the [...]

How long has modular construction been in use?

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The industry had its beginnings in the post World War II era, when the huge demand for housing for returning GI's overwhelmed the construction industry's ability to deliver. Pre-fabricated modular housing was developed as a solution to this demand. Other countries with severe commercial building needs following the war also developed simplistic modular construction techniques. [...]

What do modular buildings look like?

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Modular buildings can look like any other building. Today's building technology has allowed Modular manufacturers to build most any style of structure, from a simple bungalow to a highly customized contemporary. Modular producers are also busy building resorts, schools, office buildings, motels and hotels. Chances are that you have driven by or been in many [...]

How long does construction take?

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Anywhere from one to three months depending on the scope and scale of the project - certainly much less time than site built construction. Where conventional construction is a linear process, your modules can be manufactured and prepared for installation at the same time site work is being started.